General Questions

What is SunTrust Business Card Online?
SunTrust Business Card Online provides an easy and secure way to view your credit card account information online. With this service you can view your account summary and transaction information and make payments, all from the convenience of your desktop.

What information is needed to use SunTrust Business Card Online?
To use SunTrust Business Card Online, click on the "Sign In" button located at the top of the page. You will be asked to provide certain security information. This information helps us to authenticate you and to provide you with the correct account information.

How much does it cost to view my transaction activity online?
SunTrust Business Card Online is a free service provided to your company as a feature of your SunTrust Business Credit Card.

What account information can I see on SunTrust Business Card Online?
SunTrust Business Card Online includes account summary information and your monthly transaction activity for the current and two previous billing cycles. For your convenience, you can also view your transaction activity since your latest statement was issued.

Can I report lost or stolen through SunTrust Business Card Online (SBCO)?

No, but if you have a missing credit card, report it immediately to our 24-hour Customer Service number, 877.864.0197, Option 1. This number is also printed on your monthly statements. We will cancel your card and send you a new one.

What if there are unauthorized charges on my stolen card?

 If your card is stolen, you're not liable for these charges. If you suspect your card has been stolen, you should call us right away at 877.864.0197, Option 1.

What if I want to dispute a charge on my statement?

 If you have any unauthorized charges or a problem with the quality of property or services that you have purchased with your SunTrust Business Credit Card and you have tried in good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, you can call us at 855.574.2423 to submit your dispute.

How can I pay my SunTrust Business Credit Card?
SBCO offers the following payment options:

·         One-time payment

·         Future-dated payment

·         Set up Autopay

·         Pay over the phone by calling 855.574.2423

·         Send any SunTrust Business Credit Card payments via regular mail to:
SunTrust Bank
P.O. Box 791250
Baltimore, MD 21279-1250
Please include your credit card account number on your check.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with an item within my online transaction activity?
If you have questions about charges to your account, transactions on your account or any other account information displayed on this Web site, please call 855.574.2423. This number is also available after you sign in.

If I use this service, will I still get a paper statement in the mail?
All company control accounts and individually billed accounts will receive a paper statement in the mail until the account opts in for estatements

Can I view my statement on SunTrust Business Card Online?

You now have the freedom to choose how you would like to receive your credit card statement. We offer free estatements for all of our SunTrust Business Credit Card accounts. Once registered, an account user can opt into estatements by going to the “Account Info” tab then clicking on “Change Statement Delivery Method” and then choosing “Receive Electronic Statement Only”. You will no longer receive a paper statement. You will get an email each month informing you when your statement is available to view online.


Will all of my previous statements be available electronically once I opt-in for estatements?

No, estatements will only generate for statement periods going forward from your opt-in date. SBCO will keep up to 12 months’ worth of estatements online. We recommend saving your estatements for record purposes.

What security measures does SunTrust Business Card Online use?
We use advanced encryption techniques, including Secure Socket Layer technology, to protect the information you provide to us over the Internet. You can tell that the session is secure when you see a locked padlock displayed at the bottom of most browser windows. In addition, before displaying any transaction activity information online, we verify the identity of the cardholder, using the sign in or enrollment information.

Can anyone other than the cardholder view statements or make bill payments?
The information requested on the Sign In page is designed so that all cardholders can enter the site and view their own account information. In the case of business cards, the company or control account can view the account information of all sub-accounts and make payments on the company or control account. Sub-accounts can view only their own account information. For quality assurance, customer service or account maintenance purposes, SunTrust and its employees and agents may also access your account information through this Web site.

Is there a mobile version of SunTrust Business Card Online?
You can log into SunTrust Business Card Online (SBCO) via your mobile device’s internet browser and have the same functionality you would have on your desktop.